Fiona Ma for State Assembly

CA Bill Pushes for Extended Sick Pay

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCBS)  -- A state Senate committee is set to take up a bill Monday that would grant paid sick days to every worker in California. The bill by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma is modeled on a law that's already in effect in San Francisco.

''For large employers who have 10 or more employees, workers can earn up to nine paid sick days. For smaller businesses they can earn up to five paid sick days,'' said Ma.

Ma estimates some 5- to 6- million Californians, or about 40 percent of the state's workforce, are currently not entitled to any paid sick leave at all.

Business groups opposed to the bill say many companies simply cannot afford the additional overhead.

''Some employers have said that they'll have to forgo raises for their employees, there won't be bonuses, they may have to cut back on vacation time. In very severe cases, we might see some job losses, and cutting back on hours,'' said Marty Fisher, a policy advocate for the California Chamber of Commerce:

The bill, formally known as the California Healthy Families, Healthy Work Places Act, has already been approved by the Senate. Ma hopes to get the legislation on the governor's desk in about a month.