Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Paid Sick Days Legislation Delayed Due to Significant Budget Deficit

SACRAMENTO — Assembly Bill 2716, the Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act, was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday as a result of California´s budget delay. Authored by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco), AB 2716 would have made California the first state in the country to provide all workers with the ability to earn paid sick days to take time to recover from illness. The bill had costs associated with providing paid sick days for some state employees and for enforcement.

"Working Californians deserve a state government that works," said Assemblywoman Ma. "The Republican budget delay is a clear assault on California´s working families, already resulting in low-wage state employees being fired. At the same time working families are losing out on their chance to gain an important new benefit, Republicans are helping oil companies and yacht owners avoid paying their fair share."

A Field Research Corporation Poll conducted earlier this week found that 73% of California voters are in favor of a law allowing all workers to earn paid sick days. Support for such a law crosses party lines and includes 56% of Republicans.

"The overwhelming support for AB 2716 crosses party lines and voters recognize how important this bill is for public health," said Assemblywoman Ma. "I will continue to work every day I am in office to ensure that California´s working families have the ability to take a day to recover from illness without the fear of being fired or losing a day´s pay."

Co-sponsored by the California Labor Federation and California ACORN, AB 2716 is supported by a statewide coalition of over 70 organizations including local governments, health professionals and civil rights organizations. Assemblywoman Ma will work with these groups to determine next steps, which could include a state ballot measure.