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Woman of the Year

March is Women’s History Month, and I am honored to announce that Beverly Kong, the current Principal of Lawton Alternative School, is this year’s Woman of the Year awardee for the 12th California Assembly District.

Beverly Kong is a trailblazer in the community. She has made significant contributions to her community through her thirty-six years in teaching and administrative roles in Bay Area Schools.

Some of Ms. Kong’s accomplishments include:

  • Initiating the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP), which has helped more than 300,000 students since the program began in 1984
  • Coordinating the CalService-Learning Program in Jefferson Union High School District
  • Chairing WASC teams as they visited schools for accreditation
  • Participating in school reform initiatives including the Coalition of Essential Schools-Brown University, Annenberg Institute for School Reform-National Reform Faculty, and Bay Area School Reform Collaborative
  • Mentoring first and second year science teachers through the Teacher Institute of the San Francisco Exploratorium.
  • Serving at the California Academy of Sciences on the Advisory Board of the recently formed “Teacher Institute of Science and Sustainability.”

She will be honored on the floor of the CA State Assembly on March 16, 2009.

Congratulations Beverly Kong!

About Woman of the Year:

The Woman of the Year event was started in 1987 by Assemblywoman Bev Hansen (R) and Assemblywoman Sally Tanner (D).

In celebration of the contributions to society made by remarkable women throughout California, Hansen and Tanner arranged to invite one woman from each Senate and Assembly district to come to the Capitol and be honored for their accomplishments.

Woman of the Year awardees are recognized in a formal ceremony on the floors of the CA Senate and Assembly. This yearly event, sponsored and organized by the Women's Caucus, is greatly anticipated by all Legislators today.