Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Fiona Ma on Budget Reform Measures

Polls indicate voters are in a disapproving mood, and the Governor's proposed "budget fix" is looking more and more like a non-starter as the May 19th special state election approaches.

Assembly woman Fiona Ma of San Francisco sees a problem. On CBS-5 Sunday Morning, the lawmaker spoke with Chronicle and KCBS Insider Phil Matier about the six budget reform measures and their likely defeat. Ma said items like a 12-cent fee hike on gas would be proposed. "But unfortunately, those fees don't amount to $15 billion." That's the projected state deficit when the new fiscal year begins on July 1st.

The Democrat warned that important repair projects are in jeopardy. "Infrastructures around the state, the principal and the interest is a lot of money in our budget," continued Ma, "and when times are tough we're going to have to look at those projects and see which ones are a priority and which ones aren't."

One special-election measure that is an odds-on favorite to be approved by voters -- a ban on pay hikes for legislators.