Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Fiona's 2009 Legislation

Legislation authored by Fiona Ma that became the law of the land as of January 1, 2010:

Raise the fine for abuse of disability placards

In 2009, San Francisco law enforcement agencies confiscated over 1,000 disabled parking placards being used illegally. Such blatant abuse not only disrupts parking opportunities for people with real need for them, it makes the already difficult parking situation in San Francisco much worse. Prior to the passage of Fiona Ma's AB 144, the fine for violation was only $100, and citations could only be distributed by SFPD. With the passage of AB 144, the fine will be $1,000 and parking control officers will be able to cite violators.

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Grow Blueberries, Grow the Economy

Thanks to recent news about the positive health benefits of blueberries, demand for the commodity has drastically increased. California's agricultural community is in prime position to take advantage of this rise in demand. Fiona Ma's AB 606 creates the California Blueberry Commission to help provide programs to educate, promote, market, and provide research relating to blueberries, all at no cost to the General Fund.

Increase safety standards in California pools

Between 1999 and 2007, there were 74 incidents of individuals being trapped by an unsafe pool drain, including 54 involving children under the age of 15, 63 injuries, and 9 fatalities. AB 1020, passed by Assemblymembers Fiona Ma and Bill Emmerson, requires California's public swimming pools to increase safety by installing anti-entrapment drain covers on all drains, preventing accidents and fatalities.

More efficient law enforcement with Mobile Identification Booking

As technology improves, opportunities to make crime fighting more efficient abound. Under AB 1209, California law enforcement will be allowed to use mobile fingerprinting identification devices to identify arrestees without proper ID or arrestees who agree to a field booking. This will streamline the process and allow law enforcement to spend more of their time in the field.

Protecting ferry funds

Fiona Ma's AB 1203 will improve the allocation process for Prop 1B funds distributed to emergency and disaster relief agencies, such as the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency. It will also allow transportation projects to receive up-front allocations rather than reimbursements, protecting our critical infrastructure development and maintenance from bureaucratic delays.