Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Hep B Awareness Campaign

One in ten Asian Americans is infected with the Hep B virus which is widespread in many Asian countries especially China.

Listen as KCBS' Holly Quan reports

Because of its large Asian population, San Francisco has the highest concentration of the virus in the country. The public awareness campaign known as San Francisco Hep B Free looks to get more people tested for the virus.

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma knows all too well how dangerous Hep B can be -- she got it at birth from her mother who got it from her mother.

"By the time you feel symptoms, it's pretty much too late," she said. "You're in the last stages of liver cancer or require a liver transplant."

It's believed a quarter of people with untreated Hep B will come down more serious complications, something that can be avoided with regular liver screenings. Up to 80% of all liver cancer cases worldwide stem from Hep B.