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Food Stamp Hunger Challenge: Update

Sept 14th Dinner: scrambled egg sandwich and half a can of mixed veggies.

Wednesday, Sept 15th:  I didn't plan very well before I left my home in the morning.  I ate a fruit bar for breakfast (and brought the rest of the box with me) and packed a banana and peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I got hungry around 5 pm so ate another fruit bar. At 6 pm, I sat on a panel for Hep B and got emotional (which I don't normally get) talking about my Mom who also has chronic Hep B but because of our awareness about this disease, her doctors detected her irregular liver xray early and removed part of her liver last December.  Had she not been monitoring her liver, she may not be alive today as Hep B is a "silent killer" the time you feel any symptoms, it's probably too late as one would be in the last stages of liver cancer or require a liver transplant. Today, she is  cancer free and alive.  Thank God. I had another dinner event after the panel but did not participate in the meal...however I did eat a bun halfway through. Since I forgot to pack a dinner, I ate another fruit bar on my way home and went straight to bed when I got home.

Thursday, Sept 16th:  I was determined to plan better for the day...which I did but also "supplemented" my diet. I had peanut butter on toast and a glass of milk for breakfast. I made/packed a tuna fish sandwich AND a peanut butter sandwich and brought a can of soup and a package of noodles with me when I left home in the morning.  I went to a breakfast reception and couldn't resist two glasses of cranberry/orange juice and some scrambled eggs. I was fortunate to be at an event with free food.  For lunch, I ate a tuna fish sandwich.  I was feeling tired all day so Bob treated me to my favorite Starbucks Vente Awake tea during the day.  In the evening, I was the MC for our 3rd Annual Hep B Gala dinner so I gobbled down my peanut butter sandwich at 5:30 pm before the event. When I got home at 10 pm,  I ate a bowl of noodles with 2,000 cc of Vitamin C. I hadn't been sleeping well and it's been cold so I was scared of getting sick. Getting enough sleep is important but so is eating well and since I didn't feel I was getting balanced, nutritious meals,  I thought I would eat the noodles when I got home (which is not a good thing to do right before going to bed). 

My thoughts for the last few days:  Preparation.