Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Assembly wants folks to eat local food

Sundays should be for eating nothing but California grown food, the state Assembly agreed Thursday.

It voted unanimously for a resolution calling on state residents to observe Eat Local, Buy California Grown Day each week.

Supporters said the measure, which now goes to the Senate, would boost the state's economy while reducing the environmental damage done by long-distance food shipment.

The resolution was introduced in March by Assemblywomen Cathleen Galgiani, D-Livingston, and Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco.

It has the support of more than 25 farm groups. The campaign is led by the California Poultry Federation, based in Modesto, and Foster Farms, a poultry company based in Livingston.

Organizers said consumers could add up to $15.6 billion to the annual income of the state's food producers if they took part every Sunday.

The resolution declares that "legislators and public officials should promote buying California grown food products for the benefit of California consumers, California farmers, California employees and California's overall economy."

As a resolution, the measure does not need Gov. Jerry Brown's approval, but the backers are asking for his support anyway.

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