Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Why Is Fiona Ma Such a Killjoy?

SF Weekly readers can't forget last year when Assemblywoman Fiona Ma quickly cast herself as the state's biggest party-pooper when she tried to outlaw raves across California. She only renegged on her legislation after deciding to do some more "research" and attend a pacifier party herself.

And while Ma introduces herself as a CPA, she is far from a "certified party animal" herself. Last night, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a trifecta of Ma's bills that crack down on the basics of modern day teenage rebellion: Alcohol, tattoos, body piercings, and raves.

According to the bills, tattoo artists will have to follow stricter regulations, and cities are now permitted to create new laws further regulating the industry. In addition, promoters planning raves or any other events that might draw more than 10,000 people will have to undergo a "threat assessment review." And lastly, Ma has put the kibosh on teens sneaking alcohol through the self-service line at grocery stores. For now on, all alcohol sales will have to be conducted by real live people to check for sobriety and IDs.

"Studies overwhelming show that alcohol is getting into the hands of minors through self-checkouts," Ma says. "More and more people are getting tattoos and I was shocked to hear that there are no requirements for safety standards. The intent is to help stop the spread of HIV and hepatitis."

We asked Ma's office why the San Francisco lawmaker, who recently took her donors to see Lady Gaga, is a buzzkill. But she assured us she is no wet blanket when it comes to a good time.

"I'm the last person that wants to stop people from having fun," Ma said in an e-mail to SF Weekly. "These bills don't ban anything. They simply ... recognize that there are people who like to go to raves, get tattoos, and drink alcohol and I am ensuring that these things can continue under the safety of common sense laws."