Fiona Ma for State Assembly

Speaker pro Tem's New Laws Regarding Education, Public Safety, Health Care, Environment, Go into Effect January 1, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA December 23, 2011 - Seven of eight new laws authored by Speaker pro Tempore Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco and San Mateo Counties), signed this fall by Governor Brown, will go into effect on January 1, 2012. These new laws build on Assemblywoman Ma's first two terms where she focused on creating jobs, securing funding for education and public safety, and improving the quality of life in San Mateo and San Francisco neighborhoods.

Below is a snap-shot of some of Assemblywoman Ma's legislation which was signed by Governor Edmund G. Jerry Brown Jr. upon the conclusion of the 2011 legislative session:

AB 74 (Sasha's Law)

In response to the growing number of drug-related teen deaths at all night dance parties and raves in California, AB 74 requires a promoter of an event on State property to create an Event Action Plan when a governing board of a state fairground determines there's a threat to life. AB 74 provides law enforcement, public health and local government officials an additional tool to keep public events safe.

AB 183 (Self-Service Alcohol Checkout)

AB 183 bans the sale of alcoholic beverages at self-service checkout stands in order to create a face-to-face transaction with a grocery clerk, similar to cigarettes, spray paint, and prescription drugs. The bill was sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the California Police Chiefs Association and the California Professional Firefighters.

AB 199 (Filipino Veterans in WWII Curriculum)

AB 199 is the first step toward ensuring that children in California learn about the significant contributions of Filipino soldiers during World War II by promoting social science instruction in grades 7-12 curriculum. When this bill was first introduced in 2006, there were 84 Filipino Veterans still alive. Today, there are only 17. This bill remembers our brave Filipino soldiers before they are lost in history.

AB 431 (Retired CPAs)

AB 431 creates a "Retired" designation for Certified Public Accountants through the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) to prevent the cancellation or surrendering of licenses in order to ease re-instatement and reduce stigma. AB 431 was sponsored by the CBA.

AB 536 (Doctors Records)

AB 536 protects doctors and patients by requiring the Medical Board of California (MBC) to publish only factual proven information on medical accusations and investigations on the Medical Board's website within 6 months of the notice.

AB 631 (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations)

AB 631 continues California's leadership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing market certainty for electric vehicle charging stations that is needed to support California's electric vehicle consumer fleet. By codifying a CPUC decision on public utility jurisdiction, AB 631 will encourage businesses to invest in infrastructure to promote consumer demand.

AB 1041 (Muni Cameras)

AB 1041 extends a pilot program that allows the City and County of San Francisco to issue parking tickets using forward facing cameras on buses to vehicles that are double parked in transit lanes to reduce traffic congestion, eliminate traffic bottleneck, and reduce transit travel time in the City.