California State Treasurer visits Fresno to assess affordable housing programs

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California State Treasurer Fiona Ma visited parts of Fresno Tuesday to gain a better understanding of the continued problems the city faces when it comes to affordable housing and what solutions seem to be working.

"Seeing a great need and all of the development that is happening on the parkway through our Home Key funds, through all of the affordable housing that's been going through the housing agency, the leadership of the mayor," said Ma, comparing Tueday's tour to her visit five years ago.

State and local leaders are hoping that the tour will help evolve housing solutions that Fresno is already working on today when it comes to converting hotels into housing.

Nine hotels in total are set to be transformed, some located on Parkway Drive, a problem area the city has faced for a long time.

"All nine of them will be converted into permanent housing, and we know we are in a housing crisis, and absent of funding from the state, Home Key Dollars, none of that would be possible," said Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer.

Just this past week, the City of Fresno was awarded $43.7 million on top of $250 million pledged to help transform the downtown area with a focus on infrastructure and housing, followed by entertainment and restaurants.

Another focus is affordable housing with access to transportation in the future.

"Like the Monarch Apartments in Chinatown that is going to be accessible to the High-Speed Rail station, I think it's also going to be transformative for the residents and for people who want to move around the state," explained Ma.