Go-Biz Committee Approves $70 Million in Tax Credits for 35 Companies Committing to Add Over 4000 Jobs in California

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Today, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) announced that the California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC) committee approved $70 million in tax credits for 35 companies projected to create 4,221 jobs and make $1 billion worth of new investments across California.  View the complete list of approved companies and award amounts.

“The California Competes Tax Credit continues to encourage companies from around the world to locate, expand and add good paying jobs in our state.” said Lenny Mendonca, Chief Economic Advisor to the Governor, GO-Biz Director, and Chair of the California Competes Tax Credit Committee.  “It is exciting to see the growing trend of employers taking advantage of the workforce opportunities in the Central Valley and Inland Empire. As this administration strives towards an economy that works for all Californians, we look forward to helping businesses expand beyond the coastal areas and grow in all regions of the state.” 

Of the $70 million awarded in this round, over $20 million was allocated to businesses in the Central Valley and Inland Empire. These companies are projected to create 1,170 jobs and invest nearly $700 million in those regions.

GO-Biz Director and Committee Chair, Lenny Mendonca convened the committee, which includes Treasurer Fiona Ma, Director of the Department of Finance Keely Bosler, and Senate appointee Denise Zapata and Assembly appointee Madeleine Janis, in Sacramento.

The California Competes Tax Credit was created in 2013 to focus on helping businesses grow and stay in California.  In 2018 the program was extended for an additional five years with at least $180 million in tax credits available for allocation to business each year through 2023. Since 2014, GO-Biz has allocated $899 million to 1,009 companies projected to create 99,591 new jobs and make $19 billion in new investments.